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When it comes to shopping on a New Smyrna Beach vacation, you’ll have plenty of exciting options to choose from. There are two major shopping areas in new Smyrna Beach. The first is the strip of Flagler Avenue, and the other is Canal Street.

Canal Street is tourist centered, with a number of corporate shops and names you may recognize. It has a rich character and is a top alternative to other larger shopping districts in big cities.

Canal Street offers an interesting mix of local mom and pop shops and some names you may know. Both are located near a number of vacation homes, so you can explore the area without having to drive too far.

Flagler Avenue consists of a series of artistic and kitsch shops on the coastal side of New Smyrna. These specialty shops are all unique to New Smyrna Beach, giving you an opportunity to really witness our charming coastal life on your next family vacation.

Whether you venture on Canal Street or Flagler Ave (or both!) you will find plenty to keep you enthralled. If you’re looking for some New Smyrna Beach things to do to fill out your schedule, check out these must-visit shopping destinations along with the nearby shopping strips.

The Posh Pineapple

Location: 330 Canal St, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168-7008
With brightly-colored trinkets and hand-crafted gifts, the Posh Pineapple has that welcoming mixture of stocking stuffers and fully original gifts. The first thing you will notice upon stepping into the shop is the vibrancy of the décor. Floral colors drench the room, bringing to life the pots, jewelry, clothing, wall-hanging art, and candles, among many other trinkets.

You can call (386) 427- 7674 for specifics on what they sell there. The Posh Pineapple closes at 5pm every day of the week. It is closed on Sundays, which is not uncommon for independent shops in New Smyrna Beach.

G.A. Dolly’s Gifts

Location: 405 Flagler Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169-2640
You very likely will walk out with a little special something at G.A. Dolly’s Gifts on Flagler Avenue. It’s a specialty gift shop with a lot of character. A beach theme permeates here, and the owners really get into it. Shell baskets align the wall, where customers can grab a bag and load up. The windows contain hanging beach ornaments, including wind chimes and decorations.

The inventory is always changing up depending on what kind of oddities the owners can find. Many of the items are hand-crafted, from pelicans made of shells and stone to glass-blown fish and Monarch butterflies. Also visit the outdoor garden, full of native Floridian flowers.

Visit their website here!

Palms Up Pottery Studio

Location: 413 Flagler Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Palms Up is both a shop and a studio, where visitors can partake in pottery classes and walk-in lessons after browsing through the hand-made gifts. These souvenirs are truly original in every sense of the word.

The shop owners encourage you to learn how you can make the many gifts in the shop, including soap containers, plates, bowls, and cookie bins. If you have time for a lesson or two and have any interest in learning pottery at all, this is one destination you won’t want to miss.

Butterfly Kisses for Kids

Location: 207 Live Oak St, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
If you have a family with young children, be sure to stop by Butterfly Kisses for Kids. This is a premiere children’s shop in New Smyrna Beach where you can find a stylish, sassy, and fun (yet practical) gift for your kids.

Their specialty is clothes – and they offer a plethora of adorable options including sun hats, water shoes, bathing suits, beach sandals, hats, and reusable diapers with colorful patterns. You can also find local children’s books, fantastic art for children, stuffed animals of your child’s favorites (including the dolphin they just saw off the coast) and many other toys. Butterfly Kisses for Kids is open 10am to 5pm.

These shops offer a nice change of pace as you explore, find, and participate in the many activities in New Smyrna Beach. Stop by any of them that interest you, as they aren’t too far from our rental homes.