Property Owner Reviews

Property Owner Reviews

“Rental income from my condo is at an all time high! I have to do little in regards to managing this rental property. So the combination of these two is perfect for me.”

–Scott S., Sea Coast Gardens

“Perfect… amaze me. Thank you so much……. I see you and ALL you do.”

-Earl Shiring, SCG III 312

“…You all do a good job and I am VERY impressed.”

— Earl S., Sea Coast Gardens III

“I just wanted to thank everyone at I am now in my second year of using your rental company. I wish I had switched sooner! I was using my condo association rental management company and had so many problems and finally made the switch. I have never been disappointed. My unit has been consistently rented even through the Fall and Winter. I love that you handle everything pertaining to renters and even have a maintenance department that handles all the small problems. It is so easy to call or email anytime day or night and I have always gotten a prompt reply from someone knowledgeable and friendly. I would encourage any owner who wants to rent their unit to make the move to I highly recommend GOC and am so happy doing business with you!”

–Terry H., Sea Coast Gardens

“Thanks again for your excellent management of my condo!”

— Scott S., Sea Coast Gardens II

“I want to thank the GOC team at SCG!  I was expecting a bad scene inside my condo when I arrived for the first time after Irma.  My impression was the exact opposite.  The condo was in wonderful shape considering a hurricane hit and there was significant water intrusion into the unit.  It is obvious that the GOC team worked to keep my place in good shape. Your team did a great job! I’m very impressed. I can’t imagine the chaos that had to be going on….Again, that is very much appreciated so THANK YOU!”

-Scott S., Sea Coast Gardens II 504

“We have accepted a contract for sale… We certainly will suggest to the new owner that she speak with you after closing… Please know how satisfied we have been with our arrangement with your company, and we certainly will refer any potential rentals we may come in contact with to you in the future. Thank you.”

— Ann & Kaye, Sea Coast Gardens III

“Jennifer, thank you and the team for your hard work and care about the property. Most importantly, please take care of yourselves–we are glad that you have gotten yourselves out of harm’s way to the extent possible. We will continue to have good thoughts for you and all residents effected by the storm. Please keep us posted.”

-Kent and Susan Didriksen SCG II 317

“Thanks for everything… I really appreciate all you have done over the past couple years.”

— Rick D., Sea Coast Gardens

“Jennifer, thank you for your diligence on behalf of all! Please be safe as you seek to advise us on the status of our community!”

-Michael McCormick, SCG II 211&416

“We are new members of the “GOC” family and the sign up was easy, professional, and has already resulted in rentals of our unit. We’re pleased we made the decision to go with GOC.”

-Susan and Kent D., Sea Coast Gardens II

“Just want you guys to know that we would not have been able to get this renovation if we didn’t change management rental companies. You guys have done such a great job and thank you for all your hard work!”

-Judy, Sea Coast Gardens

“So far I am very pleased with your company. I am happy that my condo has been rented so frequently and hope it continues. Thank you. “

-Lisa Marie, Sea Coast Gardens

“Thanks so much for your efforts- glad you guys are on board!”

-Bill and Mary Leslie, SCG II 107

“Jennifer, Thank you and all those that stayed behind to secure our condos and complex grounds. It is greatly appreciated. Please stay safe.”

-Shannon McDaniel, SCG III 509

“I can’t express how happy we are with the service we are receiving from Great Ocean Condos. We have only been with GOC a few months but already have seen an increase in the amount of condo guests. We are experiencing rentals at times when our condo previously sat empty. At one time the in-house rental service was adequate, but as time changed our rental service stayed in the past. Great Ocean Condos [has done it] through aggressive advertising, up-to-date owner’s communications and professional business manners… we couldn’t be happier.”

-Jerry and Judy A., Sea Coast Gardens III

“Thank you for your help & timely communication. Being a new owner, we’re totally clueless worried. So your communication & possible advice is coveted. Keep the Team SAFE! We look forward to hearing from you, when inspections are complete. Thank you to the GOC Team!”

-Mark Belding, SCG II 501

“Thank you so much! You guys are doing a great job!”

— Judith A., Sea Coast Gardens III

“All I can say is you guys are good!”

— Judy A., Sea Coast Gardens III

“Thank you Jennifer for the update. It really makes us feel better to get any information about our beloved homes. It’s hard to be so far away.”

-Kristen Booth, SCG III 113

“Hello Jennifer (and staff), Hope you are all well! Our unit is officially listed for sale. I will not be renting anymore, pending the sale. Our agent will have some open houses and family may come for one last visit before its gone. I hope it doesn’t take too long! …I don’t know if new owners will rent or not, but if they plan to I will certainly include the GOC info with any information I give them. Thank you for all your excellent service. Can you believe its been 7 years? I’ll keep in touch and let you know when we find a buyer. Thanks again, for everything!”

— Kathy M., Sea Coast Gardens

“Thanks so much to all of you!! It means so much that you are doing what you can to secure our properties.”

-Pam Toole , SCG II 507 &508

“Jennifer, Can’t thank you enough. Dianne explained all you did to prepare our property for the hurricane. You went above and beyond and, believe me, on behalf of all owners, your work is so appreciated. I do believe that through your proactive stand you saved our owners a great deal of money that they may have had to pay in damages.”

-Carol Vita, SCG III 109

“GREAT update Jennifer!!!! THANKS for ALL you have done to help protect SCG!!!!!”

-Dan Schaeffer, SCG II 303

“Thank you Jennifer, Jenny and team. Your attention to this storm and info later are much appreciated. Get safe and sound, and be careful coming back into the unknown.”

-Mike Henshaw, SCG II 403