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Vacation Rental vs. Hotel – Let’s Go!

After weeks of keeping to ourselves and staying inside of our homes, most of us are pining for a summer where we can venture back into the world we’ve missed. While we’re thankful for the safety measures recently instituted , our country will certainly be a different place from where we last left it. Health and safety have become an absolute priority and we pray that everyone maintain its progress by continuing to social distance. Although government officials have strived to keep the public safe, hotels have inexplicably remained open throughout quarantine despite the threat to guests’ health. From shared lobbies to busy reception desks, these places certainly don’t provide a safe environment to relax. We’ve done our research and come to a conclusion:  vacation rentals are the solution to this problem. Over the next several months at least, social distancing will continue to be the norm. Vacation rentals offer travelers an excellent opportunity for true social distancing due to the limited interactions staff have with guests, and lack of shared amenities and public common areas in contrast to many other lodging options.

1. No Shared Common Areas

Staying at a hotel, motel, or resort is more of a shared experience than you’d think. First you walk into a public lobby, check in at a bustling reception desk, share an elevator and hallway on the way to your room, and then grab a bite in the common dining hall or buffet-style breakfast room. Not even your own room is free of strangers as housekeeping comes daily. Based on their set-up, vacation rentals prove that they are the ultimate private accommodation. Our NSB condos and homes provide self-check-in that eliminates the risk of crowded lobbies and reception desks. Shared eating areas are replaced with a beautiful, full kitchen and lovely dining room that’s exclusive to you and your family. All of our condos have furnished, private balconies for outdoor relaxing and most of our rental homes boast of private pools and large yards. Should you venture from your vacation rental, you’ll find that the open beach provides plenty of space between you and others. Unlike Miami and other hotspot destinations, New Smyrna Beach is much quieter and rarely sees its shores crowded.

2. Full Control of Who Comes and Goes

We won’t deny that there’s something magical about returning to find that the bed-making fairy has mysteriously come and gone. However, after recent headlines and a new awareness of germs, its appeal has started to fade. One of the staples of hotel hospitality is daily housekeeping. From making the bed to fluffing towels to replenishing body soap, a rotation of maids continually enters your space to perform these tasks. A private vacation rental eliminates this unnecessary exposure by allowing YOU to choose who comes and leaves the property. While you kick back on the beach, you won’t have to worry about someone moving your things, touching your pillows, or coming in at all. You can relax with the peace of mind that you and yours are safe and truly alone in your vacation home.

3. Food Prep Risks are Eliminated

Up until recently, hardly anyone questioned food safety procedures as the chef cooked and the wait staff served. However current events have created a shift where we’ve begun to wonder who’s preparing or serving our meal and whether they’re potentially contagious. While we have faith that the majority of restaurants are doing their part to ensure safety, it gives us peace of mind to simply be our own cook. Our private vacation rentals are equipped with full kitchens so that you have the option of dining in as much as you like. Each kitchen is filled with dish sets, pots and pans, mixing bowls, coffee makers, and any cooking essential you should need. Unless you’re a wizard with a mini fridge and ice bucket, hotels won’t provide you the luxury of making your own food. Room service, shared hotel dining, and nearby restaurants are the only mealtime options. We’ll always take a home-cooked meal around a dining room table over a breakfast buffet in a shared dining hall.

4. The Highest Care for Your Health and Safety

Hotels, motels, and resorts are all buildings composed of the same room (or a similar variation of one room) repeated over and over again. For these huge establishments, Room 17B is simply a number that needs to be checked off their staff’s to-do list. Vacation rentals display the heart of someone who has carefully invested their creativity, resources, and personality into their home. Our property owners care immensely about their vacation rentals and the enjoyment of those staying. Some love to personally meet guests, others love to brainstorm ideas to enhance their place, and all are delighted when they receive reviews on how much someone loved their home. That being said, our owners are equally as adamant as we are about sanitizing and deep-cleaning according to CDC standards. Between Great Ocean’s commitment to excellence and owners’ concern about the safety of their property, you can be assured that condo and home rentals are the cleanest, safest option for your vacation.

There’s no need to give up your beach-filled dreams when vacation rentals provide the perfect solution to travelers’ biggest concern. Our condos and homes are sparkling clean, exclusively private, and located in one of the dreamiest places on earth… New Smyrna Beach! Browse our selection of direct oceanfront, ocean view, pet-friendly, luxury, and home rentals on our website. If you need help in choosing a property, call our office at 386.478.7863 and a professional vacation planner will help book your vacation.