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While there’s no place like home, it doesn’t take but a few nights-in to start adding ideas to the home to-do list. “What if I replaced that picture?” quickly escalates into “What if I take out this wall and expand?” and before you know it, you’re on track for an entire renovation. As you embark on a full house project, gather your inspiration from some of the most beautifully designed places on the Florida East Coast… Our luxury vacation rentals!

From coastal cottage to mid-century modern to rustic farmhouse, our property owners have creatively infused their style into their condos and homes. Below we’ve highlighted 7 New Smyrna Beach rentals with interiors that will give you the inspiration you need for your own. While replicating a view of Florida’s white shore might be beyond your power, you can certainly decorate your home feeling reminiscent of the sea.

Island Time

If you model your place after this oceanfront home, you’ll certainly begin to feel like you’re living on “island time”. Besides the fact that its oceanfront, sleeps 13, and has a mother-in-law suite, we’re smitten with this home for its fresh, colorful take on modern design. Keeping with the modern style, you won’t find many decorative trinkets as its beautiful furniture is the home’s focal point.

This Home’s Design Tip: Make the most out of large areas! A spacious layout is a great thing, however too much space can look bare. This large living area was creatively utilized to form two different seating areas. Simply rearranging furniture can fix an “empty” look and give you another room.

Golden Arms 805

Who says a beach cottage can’t have an eclectic flare? Golden Arms 805 is is a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo that instantly brightens your mood. At first glance, it seems to take after the classic coastal decorating style, yet you’ll notice that the accent pieces and armchairs stray from the traditional. From the contrasting dark and light blues to the expansive sight of the ocean, this condo knows how to relax both the eye and soul.

This Condo’s Design Tip: Merging two design styles can look amazing… so long as you do it right! Pick one style as your primary and let the second one shine through in subtle decorations or a statement furniture piece.

Oceania Beach Club 706

Oceania Beach Club 706 is a lovely 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo that pulls off an understated look with sophistication. This dreamy retreat patterns after the Scandinavian style of design and incorporates a strong nautical theme through its accent pieces. The open layout paired with soft tones make this place idyllic to catch up on R&R.

This Condo’s Design Tip: There’s no need to go crazy with the color wheel! Instead of picking an assortment of vibrant colors, pick only a couple and play with the shades within them. This condo chose grey and cream as its primary hues, and did a beautiful job exploring within these – The walls are a blue grey, the furniture a heather grey, and the curtains are a deep, almost violet, grey. This tip is especially handy if you struggle to keep your space looking consistent.

Sea Coast Gardens III 201

If you seek high-end design inspiration, there’s no better place to learn from than Sea Coast Gardens III 201! This oceanfront, corner condo is newly renovated and displays luxury at every opportunity… Seriously, have you seen the shower? The atmosphere has fully achieved the “bright and airy” look that designers rave about as it is composed of whites, light blues, and grey wood hues. While every room in this condo is stunning, we have to say that we’d double our morning routine just to spend extra time in those bathrooms.

This Condo’s Design Tip: Custom = Luxury! Invest in nice hardware, crown moulding, shower tiling, quality shutters, backsplash etc. if you want your home to stand apart from the rest.

Sea Coast Gardens III 103

There’s something about Sea Coast Gardens III 103 that feels like the quintessential beach getaway. Besides the fact that the ocean is in its backyard, this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo has an inviting ambiance that makes you want to move in permanently. Driftwood accents and soothing light tones create the rustic coastal look that we love. Our favorite accent? The mason-jar light fixture over the dining room table!

This Condo’s Design Tip: Comfort and style go together. A common misconception about luxury decor is that while it’s beautiful, it “doesn’t feel like home”. This condo combines taste and comfortability by choosing pieces that are both aesthetic and practical. For example the living room’s furniture is both inviting and plush, yet its high quality is evident based on the structure and fabric.

Sunrise 606

Drawing from the increasingly popular trend, Sunrise 606 is a stunning fusion of modern style and boho flare. Though its features and amenities are modern, this space is filled with 70’s inspired pieces such as a rattan pendant chandelier, circular wicker chairs, and a rattan daybed. While this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo has gorgeously designed bedrooms, our favorite space is the daybed nook tucked away off the dining room. Its natural textures, wall art gallery, and private ocean view make it a picture-worthy spot.

This Condo’s Design Tip: The minors are the majors! The kitchen is stunning because it is so detail-focused yet uniform. The subway tile adds texture, the marbled granite adds visual interest, and the cabinet hardware pays tribute to the stainless steel appliances. This space is fairly monochromatic, so details are imperative in making it stand out.

Surf and Racquet Club 304

Bright, inviting, and full of cheery blue accents… Surf and Racquet Club 304 is most definitely a favorite! This 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo has a contemporary twist on the classic Hamptons style of decorating. Much like a classic beach getaway, it’s arrayed in crisp, light hues that provide a striking contrast against the vibrant ocean view. While this condo boasts of high-end features such as granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, the mixture of natural wood and wicker used throughout give this space a more casual feel.

This Condo’s Design Tip: Use light tones as your base (walls, flooring, and furniture) and let your rugs, artwork, pillows, and accent pieces bring color to the room.

From intricate bathroom tiling to tufted ottomans to custom light fixtures, these 7 vacation rentals certainly have sparked our creative ideas for our own homes. Though each property is unique in its style, they all share the same magical allure… they whisper of the sea! If renovations aren’t yet feasible, skip it all together and experience luxury living in one of our beach condos or homes. Browse our selection of luxury, direct oceanfront, pet-friendly, and private home rentals on our website or give us a call for a professional vacation planner to help plan your stay.