Suzanna, Albers, IL

June 27, 2013 -“My husband and I stayed here June 23-27, 2013 and was very impressed with the way the company worked with us since we weren’t staying the whole week. It was a health check *vacation* for my aunt! The condo is beautifully decorated, looking as if every room could be featured in any decorating magazine! We loved the comforting sandy tones used throughout the condo. We were sad at first that it was on the first floor with no view of the beach, but we found that it forced us to get out of our comfort zone and drift towards the observation deck above the beautiful beach! We were able to mingle with other vacationers, who we really enjoyed. The little patio outside the bedroom was quite cozy and a nice place to enjoy our morning coffee…so it was all good! The pool area was one of the best we have seen…two large pools, one heated, one not, and two baby pools! Amazing amount of area designated for this…plus shuffle board and other areas for play. We have vacationed at New Smyrna Beach for the last five years. I have to say that this southern part of the beach has become my favorite! We loved this part because of the ease of walking, no motor traffic and safety. The beach is huge through this part of NSB! Plenty of room for everyone, and it’s common for people to leave their beach umbrellas, etc overnight. Nothing was ever bothered! It’s the best area for little children. What started out as a bit disappointing because of no view, ended up being one of our favorites!”

-Suzanna, Albers, IL, Sea Coast Gardens III 115