Melissa L., SCGIII404

May 15. 2017- ” Really love this relaxing, beautiful, beachfront condo; Favorite vacation of the year!
Every year, my family and I very much look forward to staying at this beautiful beach-front condo! The drive from Orlando is easy, the parking spot is very convenient, meals can be cooked at home while overlooking the ocean, and the beach is right there! So no need to drive to the beach! Instead, my family and I take the elevator or the stairs to the beach and the ocean is right there! The view is just breathtaking! The water is warm! We often meet new people on the beach as we sit by the water or stroll on the sand during the day and at night. Every year, I cannot wait to go back to this condo! I wish others have as positive of an experience as I have had!”

–Melissa L., Orlando, FL, Sea Coast Gardens III 404