Ken and Lynn, Carrollton, VA

August 16, 2014- “My wife and I have really enjoyed this condo on the beach. We found it very comfortable being on the first floor with a patio instead of a balcony. The view of the ocean even from the inside of the room was awesome. The condo is located on the end and has more windows than the other units that are in the middle of the complex.The interior of the condo is furnished and decorated perfect for an awesome stay. It had everything that we needed so we did not have to pack a lot for our trip. The two pools on the property had plenty of room and the beach is very secluded in this area. We will go back to this unit for our beach getaway again. A sign inside the living room summed it up for us perfectly. “Another Day In Paradise” Thanks to the owner for sharing.”

— Ken and Lynn, Sea Coast Gardens III, Unit 101