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Reduce, reuse, and recycle may have been a catchy phrase in elementary school, but it is quickly becoming a mantra to live by. While being eco-conscious used to be a trend, it is now a standard concern as many want to keep places like New Smyrna Beach beautiful forever.

According to Booking.com, 87% of global travelers state they wish to travel more sustainably. Florida beaches like NSB are the best places to put sustainability into practice as these destinations have delicate ecosystems that need protecting. Use our eco-friendly tips on your next vacation to help preserve NSB’s nature and local community.

Travel in One Vehicle

Road tripping in one vehicle not only saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint, but it also is beneficial to the residents of NSB. As New Smyrna Beach is growing into a popular destination, traffic is steadily increasing. NSB is home to many Florida natives who find their daily routes congested with beachgoers. As a kind gesture to the community, we recommend taking one car. You’ll also find it easier as parking in NSB is limited. Many vacation rental complexes guarantee only one parking space making it difficult to travel with multiple vehicles. Save yourself the hassle and help the community by taking just one car.

Choose to Bike and Walk More


Biking and walking are a lot more fun when doing so on the beach! Keep your car parked, and instead explore New Smyrna Beach on two wheels. While some of our NSB vacation rentals provide bikes, we recommend renting them through Sandy Andy’s as they will deliver them right to your door. The easiest way to have a sustainable vacation in NSB is to choose a vacation rental near local dining and shopping. Complexes such as Oceania Plaza, Golden Arms, and Coronado Towers are all within walking distance to Flagler Avenue. With the shell-lined shore as your daily route, you won’t miss driving one bit!

Support Local Businesses


A fun way to make your vacation sustainable is to support New Smyrna Beach’s local businesses. NSB has a large community of entrepreneurs who have worked hard to give the area one-of-a-kind restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars, boutiques, spas, and more. You’ll be hard pressed to find chain dining in New Smyrna as nearly every restaurant has local roots. Our favorite family-owned businesses to support are Izzy’s Island Tacos and Ice Cream and Clancy’s Cantina. If you’re on the hunt for souvenirs, stroll down Flagler Avenue and Canal Street to find shops curated with local items to take home.

Grocery Shop at the Canal St. Farmer’s Market


Turn grocery shopping into a charming morning when you head to Canal Street’s Farmer’s Market. Every Saturday from 7AM – 12:30PM you’ll find local vendors set up along 210 Sams Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. Come armed with your reusable bags and stock up on tasty treats for your vacation. You’ll find locally grown fruits and veggies, honey, meats, eggs, fresh cut flowers, baked goods, coffee, and more. Our NSB vacation rentals provide fully stocked kitchens, so all that’s needed for your dinner prep are groceries – preferably locally sourced!

Leave No Trace


The most vital part to a sustainable beach vacation is leaving no trace. While the beach is viewed as a place to relax and play, it is also a complex ecosystem. From the gulls overhead to the turtles nesting on the shore, New Smyrna Beach is home to a vast array of wildlife. To be an eco-friendly beachgoer, we recommend avoiding plastic and opting for reusable containers, not feeding the wildlife, picking up nearby litter, and filling all holes in the sand when you leave. If you truly want to make an impact, you can volunteer with the local group, Keep NSB Clean, as they make it their mission to reduce beach litter.

Sustainability is simple! Vacationing with intention grants travelers the satisfaction that their trip positively impacted the destination and community. Make a difference when you plan a sustainable New Smyrna Beach vacation in one of our beach getaways. We have over 300 vacation rentals ready for you to call “home”.