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After years dedicated to work, limited vacation time, and retirement savings, it’s officially the moment to switch into vacation mode and live your glorious retiree life unwinding on the shores of New Smyrna Beach! Begin checking off your “Relaxation Bucket List” with a long, leisurely stay in a renovated condo that practically sits on the shore of the Atlantic’s blue waters.

New Smyrna Beach has given snowbirds a warm welcome for years with its 13 miles of sandy white beaches and charming small-town feel. With mild temperatures that barely dip below the sixties and seventies in the winter, there’s no doubt that the Northern crowd hails this Florida beach as a mecca of warmth and sunshine. However, year-round flip flop season isn’t the only reason New Smyrna Beach is a top retiree destination; below we’ve compiled the top three reasons why snowbirds annually return to the shores of New Smyrna Beach in the winter months.

Activities for Both the Nature-Lover and Shopper

From pristine golf courses and scenic bike trails to charming shopping areas and a bustling dining scene, NSB offers plenty of activities that appeal to both the nature and city lover. Enjoy the sunny Florida weather with your trusty driver on one of New Smyrna’s many golf courses. With sparkling ponds and rolling green hills, it’s impossible to not feel relaxed during the entire 18 holes- no matter how well you play! Those who crave healthy physical activity will love biking the area’s cycling trails; you can choose between paths which wind along the Indian River and trails which lead directly to the historic Ponce de Leon Lighthouse.

If burning calories and working up a sweat isn’t your idea of winter vacation fun, you’ll find your happy place to be along the New Smyrna streets lined with boutiques, gift shops, and one-of-a-kind restaurants. While Flagler Avenue is worthy of many afternoon excursions, don’t neglect NSB’s Hidden Gem across the river known for its old Florida charm! Regardless of if you’re a fan of the outdoors or not, it’s impossible to resist the stunning natural beauty of New Smyrna Beach. With miles of clear, non-driving shores, ebbing tides, and crashing blue waters, both you and your loved one will find that enjoying the beach in itself is by far your favorite vacation activity.

Life-Long Friendships & Community

Palm trees and golden sand beckon retirees from around the world to migrate south, especially when arctic winds set in and 9-5 jobs no longer pin them down. While mild temps of 75 degrees and clear beaches have a powerful draw, it’s the close-knit community of snowbirds and life-long friendships that keep retirees returning to New Smyrna Beach year after year. Don’t worry about making friends, NSB provides plenty of opportunities to socialize! From seasonal events to shuffleboard and tennis games to poolside gatherings, this Florida beach and its many condo complexes make it simple to connect with others who’ve also migrated south for the winter. With next-door-condo neighbors popping in to say hello and evenings spent laughing by the poolside with friends from all over the country, you’ll feel as if this beachside town has been your home for years.

Unbeatable Vacation Stays with On-Site Amenities

Picture yourself waking up, eating meals, relaxing on the couch, playing cards, and even ending your day all with the glorious ocean in sight! From cozy one bedroom condos to luxurious beachside houses, Great Ocean Condos and Homes has hundreds of vacation rentals with the finest amenities and up-close views of the blustery ocean waters. One of the best snowbird tips for choosing where to spend your long winter stay is to choose a winter beach rental that provides all the amenities you desire. From direct beach access to hot tubs to nature walks, browse our expansive rental complex page to see what accommodates you best.

With abundant activities, a close-knit community, and gorgeous vacation beach rentals to stay in, it’s no wonder why our winter travelers choose New Smyrna Beach as one of their favorite Florida destinations! Take advantage of our drastically reduced winter rates and reserve your spot in the sand today!