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Everyone needs a mental health break sometimes, and sometimes that mental health break needs to be accompanied by a salty breeze. The past couple of years have been hard for many of us because of how much our lives have changed. But one thing that has not changed is how refreshing a solo vacation can be!

A mental health break can help you refocus and feel refreshed. It can bring you peace and a moment to recharge. One of the best ways to do this is to take yourself on a mini solo vacation to a calm beachy town like New Smyrna Beach. The sea air, water, sun, and active lifestyle will help your mental health improve greatly. Many studies have shown that coastal living can improve sleep, depression, and anxiety. It can be very effective to have a mental health break by the beach.

If you are a workaholic and dread taking PTO, relocate your office to a beach lounger by the pool. Don’t worry, working poolside is still more relaxing than being cooped up inside at your desk. While there are so many benefits to working from home like flexibility, it can also cause depression and anxiety. However, working from a beach chair relaxing with a gorgeous view of the ocean? Now that’s a work day you won’t mind clocking in for. Spending your time in a calming beach town can help curb some of the negative effects of working from home and give you a chance to have an effective mental health break.

Places to Stay in NSB for Solo Travelers

One aspect of a vacation that can cause stress is looking for the perfect Florida vacation getaway. With Great Ocean Condos and Homes, we ensure every step of the vacation planning process is seamless and stress free. Our team of vacation planners are ready to assist you in finding your dream vacation rental. Our website displays updated pictures, detailed descriptions, and allows you to search and filter based on desired amenities. Below are our top 1-bedroom vacation rentals perfect for a solo retreat.

Colony Beach Club 118

If you’re dreaming of your perfect coastal getaway in New Smyrna Beach, Colony Beach Club 118 is your dream come true. From driftwood accents to white shiplap walls, this coastal dream will be the perfect vacation rental for your solo relaxation.

Sea Coast Gardens III 215

Another amazing stay for your solo mental health break is Sea Coast Gardens III 215. With fresh beach décor style and the beach a short walk away, this is perfect vacation rental for your NSB trip.

Fun & Relaxing Things to do in NSB

During your stay in NSB, there are so many fun and relaxing things to do. If you’re in the mood for a peaceful activity, then relaxing by the non-driving beach or by the pool is for you. You can also go for a swim in the ocean or kayak on New Smyrna Beach’s intercoastal waters (keep your eye out for manatees!). Fishing is another option as it allows you to be present with your thoughts and hopefully catch a big one.

While New Smyrna Beach is a relaxing town, there are fun activities you can do as well! One thing NSB is known for is surfing; it is the best place to surf in Florida. Another fun thing to do is explore Canal Street. A little lesser known, but gorgeous spot to visit. Along the palm tree lined street there are many cute shops and delicious restaurants to visit. One fun thing to do is to visit the Hub on Canal which is an art gallery that features many different artistic mediums such as paintings, ceramics, photography, sculptures, and more. They also have many events and classes here.

Photos by TripAdvisor and @TheHubOnCanal

From spending your mental health break by the beach to relaxing in your coastal cottage to having fun on Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach is the place to be for your solo travels! Make your solo vacation plans in NSB and browse our selection of beach vacation rentals.