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Where do you do your best work- at a desk under florescent lights or on a lounge chair with an infinite ocean view? Working from home has become the new workspace of choice, as video calls, emails, and the internet have started to replace the need for a brick and mortar. Thousands are coming to the realization that with no ties to hold you down, your office can go wherever you do! Take advantage of the perks of remote work by clocking into a vacation rental in beachy paradise. Our New Smyrna Beach vacation rentals are fully equipped with high-speed internet, sanitized and cleaned to CDC standards, and create the work environment most people only dream of. Transform your 40-hour week by trying the fun, new workspaces in a NSB vacation rental below.

The Outdoor Office

While typing away to an ocean view may feel like complete relaxation, Forbes reports that working outside reduces stress, enhances creativity, and increases productivity. This extra dose of vitamin D will likely become your secret weapon in knocking out challenging projects. Besides its positive impact on work ethic, your job is simply more enjoyable when not bound to a desk and a chair. Whether you compile reports to Sea Coast Gardens III 201’s ocean view or take conference calls from Hill Street Hideaway’s pool loungers, you’ll be amazed at how a successful work day can feel so much like play. And let’s be honest, we’re all for a 9-5 that combines productivity with an amazing tan.

The Cozy Cubicle

Goodbye swivel chairs and four cubicle walls! Our vacation rentals replace formal office environments with natural light, beautiful décor, and an atmosphere conducive for comfort and creativity. Plug your computer into a nearby outlet and pick your favorite spot on the couch to catch up on emails. Select condos and homes provide Smart TVs that allow you to play your favorite work-time playlist from your music streaming account. There’s nothing you can’t conquer when you’re equipped with cozy cushions, motivating music, and a beautiful Atlantic view outside your window.

The Bedtime Biz

Some days just call for extra blankets and coffee in bed… and that’s okay! Working remote in a beach condo or home allows you to indulge in an all-day pajama dress-code. Let the sunlight in from the window, take in the dreamy beach view, and settle into your king-size bed for a chill work day. Our vacation rentals have beautiful master and guest bedrooms that accommodate with comfortable bedding, lovely décor and storage, and flat-screen TVs in most. Surround yourself with a throne of pillows, brew a fresh cup of coffee, and meet those deadlines like a boss… in your robe and slippers of course!

The Dining Room Desk

The dining room desk is a classic work-from-home set-up that we can’t forget. While seemingly a less exciting option, the dining room table is one of our favorite locations for crushing goals and shining on conference calls. Patterning after the traditional desk, this area provides both structure and fewer distractions. As you check off your to-do’s, you’ll feel a rush from the combination of productive energy and the new beach environment surrounding you. Plus the dining room desk comes with the best perk… it’s conveniently near the kitchen’s snacks!

From couch-side conference calls to sandy toes and spreadsheets, our New Smyrna Beach vacation rentals create the idyllic work atmosphere. Find your new home office today by browsing our online selection of direct oceanfront, luxury, pet-friendly, and other gorgeous condos and homes. If you need assistance booking your stay, call 386.478.7863 and a professional vacation planner will reserve your beach getaway.