Traveling with friends and family make some of life’s best memories. While everything is rosy in retrospect, the reality of planning a group trip is that it takes a lot of work for the fun to happen. Luckily, planning group vacations to New Smyrna Beach are a breeze with our planning guide! Follow our 5 vacation planning steps for a seamless trip with loved ones.

Start Planning Early

The key to a seamless New Smyrna Beach group vacation is to plan your trip early! Coordinating with everyone’s schedules is no small feat, so make sure to book in advance before other plans pop up. You’ll find the most NSB rental options available if you book 3 months in advance or more.

As the designated trip planner, you’ll need to determine dates, budget, and the general intent of the trip. If your group aims to stay on a budget, plan your vacation dates in off-season. Rates are extremely discounted September – November, and Florida is nearly as hot as summer in the fall. Not sure what kind of activities New Smyrna Beach has to offer? Visit our Things to Do page to find NSB restaurants, events, activities, and more.

Stay Together in a Vacation Home Rental

Memories are made when everyone is together. Take your family/friend bonding to the next level by vacationing together in a NSB home. Our beach houses can sleep small groups of 6 and parties of up to 14 guests. Instead of asking the group chat where they want to stay, provide your group 3 vacation rental options to choose from. It’ll save everyone the headache of too many options and opinions.

If a perfect location and beautiful atmosphere are your top priorities, you can’t go wrong with NSB home rentals like Blue Yonder Beach House, Villa Amelia, and Smyrna Fish. These beach homes have exclusive oceanfront locations and luxury interiors. If you don’t mind an ocean view location just a walk from the beach, Villa del Mar and Mermaid’s Playground will suite your group well.

Minimize the Number of Vehicles

Coordinating flights and schedules is already hard enough, parking does not have to be an added stress. Like most beach towns, parking is limited in New Smyrna Beach. Most vacation rental complexes only allocate 1 parking spot per condo. While NSB vacation homes can accommodate more vehicles, you’ll still find it tricky when trying to find parking on Flagler Avenue or Canal Street. We recommend carpooling and only bringing the number of vehicles necessary. Plus, it will save on gas costs!

Make Dinner Reservations

New Smyrna Beach has fantastic restaurants you will want to try, but if you’re traveling with a large group, you’ll need a game plan. There’s nothing worse than waiting an hour as the serving staff scrambles to find a table large enough to accommodate. The savvy traveler calls ahead and makes dinner reservations! Call and make plans at the waterfront Outriggers Bar & Grille, the magical Riverpark Terrace, and the classic NSB staple, Norwood’s Treehouse.

Have a few nights with no dinner plans? Stay in and make a fantastic meal together in the comfort of your beach vacation rental. Every vacation rental has a kitchen well stocked with cookware, dinnerware, and more.

Plan Alone Time

The key to a successful group trip? Alone time! Even if you love your friends and family dearly, you’ll love them even more after recharging by yourself. Wake up earlier than the others and head to the beach at sunrise. Pink skies, the sound of the waves, and an empty beach will put you in a serene mental state for the day.

If you’re a fitness lover, we highly recommend exploring NSB via running. Start your jog on the beach and cool down once you reach Flagler Avenue. Those that prefer slow mornings can steal away to a local coffee shop like Third Wave Café and for Island Roasters a cup of coffee and time lost in a good book. You’ll return to your group feeling recharged and capable of overlooking little annoyances.

With these 5 vacation planning tips you’ll be set for an easy, memorable vacation in New Smyrna Beach. Explore our vacation condos and homes online or call us at 386.478.7863 and we’ll match you with the perfect NSB rental.