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From Zoom calls to biz-leisure to working from home, the corporate world has certainly entered a new era… and it’s for the better! Instead of being tied down to a 9-5 office job, technology has granted the freedom to choose when and where you work best. With the mobility of a laptop and internet, there’s no reason to stay in sweatpants on the couch when you could be working to the sight of crashing waves in New Smyrna Beach. Hop on the popular flexcation trend and make NSB your office for however long you like. Our vacation rentals all provide high-speed WiFi, the best beach locations and views, and some even accommodate with desks and printers. Discover why flexcations are the perfect pairing of work and play and why you need to start planning one!

1. Travel without taking time off work


Instead of hoarding vacation days for time spent by the sand and sea, save your PTO and enjoy the benefits of vacation while on the clock. Our NSB vacation rentals accommodate with the same comfort of your own home… just in a beautiful beach destination! Trade in your sweatpants for swimsuits and answer emails to a salty breeze and warm sunshine. Lunch breaks can either be taken at your favorite New Smyrna Beach restaurant or in your rental’s fully-stocked kitchen. Best of all, beach walks, boogie-boarding, poolside reading, and ice cream runs await you at the end of each work day. There’s no need to take this trip alone as our condos and homes provide high-speed internet and space for your entire family to work and school online. With sun kissed skin and the ocean outside your window, don’t be surprised if you extend your stay!

2. Boost your work performance

Relaxing on the Beach

It’s no secret that atmosphere and performance go hand in hand. From working in cozy coffee shops to studying in quiet libraries, it’s well known that a change of scenery increases productivity. After months of working from home, most find themselves combatting listlessness and one too many trips to the fridge. Relocating your “office” to New Smyrna Beach is the key to fresh focus and renewed energy. Finding a place that optimizes your work performance not only makes you a more valuable asset to the team, but also betters yourself as an individual. Whether you thrive in a cozy, oceanfront condo or in a high-end home with a pool, we have over 300 vacation rentals that are ideal for flexcations.

3. Save money by vacationing in slow season


Take advantage of your newfound flexibility and book a trip in the travel sweet spot. Instead of vacationing when the crowds and prices are high, opt for a stay during slow season. August and September are equally as hot as mid-summer, but their rates are substantially lower. While everyone flocks to New Smyrna Beach in March, you’ll find the weather just as temperate and the rates more economical if you postpone your stay until April. Along with unbeatable prices, off-season vacations are more peaceful as the beach is free of crowds. Looking for more money-saving tips? Read our blog on booking a budget-friendly vacation!

4. Escape the ‘cabin-fever’ blues

Lifeguard Tower

According to a NYU study, people feel happier with more variety in their everyday routines. Considering that studies also show that 53% regularly suffer ‘cabin fever-like feelings’ about their office environment, a flexcation is an easy solution to boost morale. There’s something luxurious about opening up your laptop in a high-end beach house or to a 5th-story view of the ocean. Toss out your old routine and enjoy the spontaneity of sunrise beach walks, midday dips in the pool, and afternoon coffee on your private balcony. Not only will you feel refreshed by the end of your stay, but a return to home-life will again feel welcomed.

Along the shore

5. Experience everyday life in a dream destination

Wonder no more what it would be like to live at the beach! Flexcations give you a glimpse into a beach native’s life as you have the opportunity of experiencing the day-to-day in your favorite place. Just like the locals, you’ll quickly know your way around town, where to find the best seafood, hidden shopping gems, and the best spots to watch the ocean sunrise. While New Smyrna Beach is a small town, its list of activities, events, and things to do are endless. Get a head start acquainting yourself with the area with our Things to Do in New Smyrna Beach guide.

From the excitement of change to the calm beach atmosphere, flexcations restore the love you have for what you do. Leave your dining room desk for a stunning vacation home on the powdery white sand of New Smyrna Beach. Find the perfect fit for you on our website where you can search direct oceanfront, ocean view, pet-friendly, luxury, private home rentals, and more. Need assistance planning your flexcation? Call us at 386.478.7863, a professional vacation planner would love to help!